Reseller or Customer?

If your organization sells products and/or services to Resellers, it's likely that the line between the two blurs from time to time. Here's a dose of reality: Resellers are not who pays your bills; End Users are. Resellers are a way to get your products/services to End Users... a transportation mechanism. If you mistake Resellers for Customers, you will begin to slant what you sell to your Resellers' needs, rather than your End User's needs. This virtually guarantees that your sales will stagnate.

"But what about Customer for Life?" you say. "Isn't the Reseller my Customer if I follow the tenets of Customer for Life?"

No. Think of it this way: Individual people within your Reseller are your Customer under Customer for Life, and your goal is to find their deep-seated needs and help to fulfill them, but the Reseller as an entity is not. In other words, companies are not people (no matter what the Supreme Court thinks).

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