At the time of this writing, Apple's market cap is US$500 billion. The public's perception of Apple is a result of a reality distortion field, i.e., that Apple can do no wrong and always turns out gold. A large part of this has to do with how Apple handles the press and its product launches, both of which create the impression that Apple is a religion, rather than a company. But anyone who purchased an Apple 3, a Lisa, a Cube, a Newton, or any one of a number of other Apple products that died in the orchard knows the truth:

Apple has had at least as many failures as successes.

None of these products were bad ideas. Where Apple failed was execution. The best intention, plan, and product in the world will still die a horrible death if not executed perfectly.

Notice my choice of words; I didn't say 'executed well'. Companies that execute well die in front of the competition every day. Today, you must execute perfectly, or get the hell out of the game.

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