The Perfect Employee Manual

A brilliant and newly minted HR Manager just gave me the most beautiful employee manual I've ever seen, one so good that I can't not share it. I've also added a couple of things I like to include. If you don't have employee manuals for your new hires (and your old hires), or if you have one that doesn't include the following, print this post right now:

  1. A checklist of what the new employee should receive on their first day of employment
  2. A list of all of the applications that the new hire needs access to, what they do, and where they are (as much for IT as for your new hire)
  3. All of the passwords and logins the new employee needs to know
  4. W4
  5. I9
  6. Explanation of pay plan and time off; whom to call if you'll be late or out
  7. Direct deposit form
  8. Phone/contact list of all employees (or at least key department leads) and what they do (not just their title)
  9. System failure guide: who to contact (and in what order) if phones, key apps, website, email, electricity, internet access, etc,. are down. You need 2 contacts per system.
  10. Policy regarding discrimination, sexual harassment, bullying, etc.
  11. Smoking policy
  12. Policy regarding use of technology
  13. Policy regarding use of social media
  14. How to get in and out of the building, hours of operation, main phone/fax/web address/key email addresses
  15. Nondisclosure and non-compete contracts
  16. List of local restaurants, banks, health clubs, and bus stops
  17. Training schedule
  18. Training booklet(s)

What am I missing?

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